Creating A Memorable TV Ad

Today, TV ads are one of the most useful tools for marketing, with millions of viewers all over the country tuning in to different channels all year long. Commercials usually don’t run for a long time during the breaks, so unless your company is a mega million dollar company you’ll probably want to fit your entire commercial into a few minutes. Hopefully you aren’t advertising prescriptions or any medicinal products, because those require you to say all of the risks and warnings that go along with your product. That can take up valuable time, especially if you aren’t able to hire one of those people that can talk lightning quick. If you aren’t doing a pharmaceutical commercial, you’ll still want to conserve time as much as possible. A good way to do this is to provide information both on the screen and with the help of a voice actor. Have text going across the screen, or just images that will provide information. A good way to convey a cold for a cold medicine is to just have someone coughing and sneezing. You could also have them lying down in bed with a thermometer in their mouth. This is a good way to convey information easily and simply, without using much time. You can show that image for not even a whole second. And while that image is going you can edit in some text to go along with it that gives you a little bit more information. If you’re not sure how to edit it in your final cut pro, you should look into final cut pro training.


The next thing you can do to make a memorable TV ad is to add in some music. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a theme song or song for your commercial, just one that can add to your commercial to lighten or change its mood to whatever you want it to be. You can connect great music to your commercial, or you can just get a song that is really catchy and use it in your commercial with your own lyrics. If you’ve ever got a song stuck in your head you’ll know how useful it can be to put a catchy song into your commercial. Using video editing software you can put the music in, and try to sync it to your video, or vise versa. Whatever you decide to do, you can try final cut pro training to help you figure out how to do it. Make sure when you make a ditty that you include your brand, what it sells or what services it offers, and a way to get those services—by a phone number included in that song or maybe even try to fit in a memorable address or web address.

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