Creating An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Creating an effective email marketing campaign requires more than just a bunch of emails and good typing skills; it also requires someone with mad marketing skills and computing savvy like Mad Mimi email marketing.  One of the most important things that an email marketing campaign can have is an engaging premise and a way for the people to whom the email is sent to connect.  Often times, companies send out boring emails about their new products, and readers throw those emails into the spam box – often without even opening it.

The first thing that an email needs, therefore, is a great subject line.  That can mean one of two things.  A great subject line may include all of the information that a company wants the consumer to see.  If a message that makes sense can be kept that short, then there is no need to worry.  Though “Buy widgets” may not be the best subject line, it certainly gets the message across before the person can spam the email.  The other way for the subject line to capture attention is to say something that sparks curiosity.  (“Do you want to be bigger?” sparks the same amount of interest as “A message from Prince Abdul Ndiaye of Nigeria.”)

Once the email subject line has got the person to open the email, it is important that the email contains something of interest.  A link with no explanation is not interesting.  It is in fact a bit disconcerting because it most likely leads to a place on the internet that will give a computer viruses and steal a person’s identity.  Instead, the email should explain where any links go, and they should go someplace fun.  If the email doesn’t make the reader want to click someplace, it isn’t making the most of the internet.  (That might be okay, but it is a bit like informational direct mail sent through the post office.)

Once the email has been opened and the person has clicked on a link, that link had better take them to the place that the email promised.  A bait and switch is a terrible idea that is likely to lose the company customers and credibility.  People do not like to be misled, so it is important that the email and the company deliver what was promised.

There is no reason for any company to get email marketing wrong with the help of Mad Mimi email marketing services.  Having someone in your company’s corner that knows about email marketing may be the key ingredient to increasing online orders and web traffic.  By getting more people to the web site the company web site, the company increases the possibility of people making a purchase.  That is as valuable as gold nowadays.

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