Creating Movies For Your Website

Creating a movie for the website starts with an idea.  Think about the type of movies out there (science fiction, horror, fantasy, documentary, etc) and your interests.  Have an idea in mind and the synopsis of it before shooting.  It has to be something you would want to see and that others would be interested in.  Expand that idea by thinking of a beginning, middle and end.  Once that is done, think about a beginning, middle and end for the beginning part, a beginning, middle and end for the middle part and a beginning, middle and end for the end part.  Take those segments and split those up until the move is set scene-by-scene.  Have a visual in the mind or through sketches.

Take it to the next level by deciding camera angles and shooting style.  Add costume, set and lighting touches if needed.  Costumes are there to enhance character traits.  Set design is the location of the film.  It doesn’t have to be built from scratch; it can be from a location.  Lighting is the way the actors will look on the screen.  A crew isn’t necessary if it will be filmed on an iPhone or handheld camera.  Cast people for the movie.  Sometimes people aren’t needed; objects can tell a story.  When filming, take multiple angles and shoot multiple takes to get the best results.  Have wide shots, medium shots and close-ups of elements.  It should show feeling as well as dialogue.

After it’s done it’s time to edit.  Using Final Cut Pro training the Final Cut Pro software is all you need to get it right the first time.  Upload photos and videos shot and start editing.  Final Cut Pro can cut out boring parts with one click.  Paste together scenes and move them around.  Create smaller clips from multiple shots with the split/razor tool.  Add sound effects and music to complete the movie.  Make sure the music matches what the movie is trying to convey in emotion.  The sound effects must make sense with the action going on in the movie (i.e., kicking/punching, screaming, phone ringing).  Create a title and credit roll.  When finished the movie can be combined into a DVD file, sent through email, sent to a DVD burner for transfer to a disc or uploaded to the website directly.

Find a way on the website to make sure people come to it.  It can be a teaser, a promotional trailer using bits and pieces or a synopsis of the movie.  Either way, don’t give away too much of what is going on.  That will lose viewer interest and turn people off the movie before they even watch it.

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