Creative Advertising

The internet age has forced companies to become more creative in how they promote their product. No longer can they rely on the old advertising mediums to help them get ahead. These resources still exist, but their effectiveness is declining with each passing year. In previous eras, the only thing companies had to do to make their products a smash is film a television commercial, record a radio advertisement, or have something printed in a newspaper methods. All of these methods are still in effect today; however, you have to use a combination of several of them in order to get the best result. You can’t try to promote a product without having the internet involved either. There are a number of different things you can do to make people aware of your product on the internet. For instance, YouTube has revolutionized the way we share and create videos. Video advertisements in the past only provided you with some details about the company and the product they were trying to promote. Now, you have to present your product in the most creative way possible and try your hardest to make your video “go viral,” or become a popular destination for potential customers.

Every advertisement these days has an internet address included in it. People who hear or see your advertisement are bound to visit your website at some point. If it’s not up to par, it will stop their pursuit of your product and make them visit a competitor. You will want to bring them in with your advertisement and use your website to keep their attention. This means your website has to have an organized, creative design with informative, clear, error-free text. Anything else will send up red flags all over the place and eventually drive your business down. You should think of the quality of your website as something that reflects upon the image of your company. The last thing you would want to do is perpetrate something that makes the buying public think the worst of your company. A well-designed, SEO-optimized website has the potential to bring in all sorts of customers regardless of the effort you put in on the advertising end. You have to look at the process your customers go through between when they discover your product and when they finally buy it as a cycle. Anything that prevents the cycle from repeating itself every time someone new comes across your product is bad for business. You may also want to do some online video advertising to attract new customers, just follow the same principles as you would for normal video advertising.

When you have your advertisements in place and your website in order, you can then move on to developing a social media presence. A great social media following puts your product in front of people you might not have been able to reach several years ago. It’s a fine line when you’re trying to get people to join your social media profile though. Every social network has measures in place to prevent you from spamming people you don’t know. The problem is what they define as spam is ambiguous. You might be trying to reach people who fit within the demographic of individuals who might buy your product and they could think that you’re trying to add too many people in too short of an amount of time. The key is to add people to your profiles gradually and continue to develop your presence over time. Eventually, through the process of elimination, you will have a group of potential customers that’s to be reckoned with.



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