Designing a Killer Facebook Page for your Website

Now that everyone is getting onto the Facebook bandwagon, the time is ripe for some Facebook business design tips. When we talk of a killer page, it means you have to give it your all. Treat your page as an investment through which you are looking forward to some reward in future. At this point, you understand that even your competitors are pursuing the same. When you join Facebook or other networks, you find that some did so long before you did. So, what propels you to the top?


There is something about your business that makes it different from that of the competitor. In as much as you are in the same industry, the two businesses are unique. The same should apply to your online presence. When designing your Facebook page, the most fundamental thing is customization. By this we mean, owning the page. The graphics that you choose should give your brand a unique image that is distinct from others.

Get a Facebook oriented URL

It makes your page distinct from others. At the same time, it improves your rankings among the top search engines. Thirdly, it makes the work of promoting your page very easy. That is why you come across messages urging you to visit company XYZ on Facebook. The message then goes to list the URL. Take the cue and secure your own URL.


Facebook is part of your social media presence. It is merely a way to signal that you can be found. Whereas your website is where all transactions take place you need to have a bridge between the two. The only way to achieve this is by posting a website link on your Facebook page. Such links when clicked take an interested person to the website for elaborate details of the service you offer or the products you sell. A killer Facebook page should therefore have links to the main website.

Profile picture

Now that there is more activity on Facebook and social media as a whole than other browsing activities, your impact should start here. Make your page as inviting as possible. The truth of the matter is that more people will find out about you on Facebook than through other ways. Therefore, you ought to give a good impression. Your profile picture acts as the doorway to your business. The first impression you give a prospect, he/she will always approach your business with that image. Make it excellent and appealing. Let the client think of you first whenever he is in need of a certain product or service.


Avoid promoting yourself; instead let your business shine. Prospects are not following you the person. They are interested in what the business has to offer.

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