Designing Promotional Flyers That Stay Out of the Trash

Small and home based business owners have three main avenues to promote themselves. There is face-to-face contact, word of mouth and the printed piece of paper, otherwise known as the flyer. Anything beyond these three promotional methods is usually extremely expensive and probably unobtainable. The only advertising information that the business itself has full control over is its flyers. For this reason, the promotional flyer design must be effective. In reality, the quality of the design for the flyer could make the difference between a yearly profit and a loss.


A flyer has one purpose, to promote your business. This can be done in several ways. You can tell people what you do, what you need, what they want or about your special offer.

The contact information for your business should also be incorporated as you are designing promotional flyers.


The last thing a business owner wants is for the potential customer to file the flyer in the nearest recycle bin. In effect, that is your money being tossed in the trash. The smartest thing to do with your promotional flyer design is keep it simple. Keep your information direct and to a bare minimum. Once you have mastered the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle, you can then rise up to the next level, creating a flyer that can be considered a powerful, and successful, tool.

Follow These Three Easy Steps

  1. Peak Interest

Use a large bold headline or an image relevant to your business to get their attention. Clip art can be used; however having an image drawn by an individual who is artistically inclined is a better idea. Most of us know someone who is talented in that area, you can even offer to pay them for their artwork. This will ensure that you have a unique design, not the same design as the three other companies in your area that offer the same services or products.

  1. Create Desire

Now you have their attention, create desire for your product or services. Use several lines or paragraphs to inform your prospective customer what you are offering and then they will decide whether they want your products or services. It could be a special offer, a distinctive selling point, something for free or just something about your services or products.

  1. Call for Action

Now, tell them how to respond to your advertisement. Give them the information they need to contact you: your name, business name, address and phone number. If you have a business logo, be sure to use it. Your logo is something that separates you from the other companies.

You must always remember to utilize the KISS technique when you are designing custom flyers for your business. Following these tips should assist you in creating an effective advertisement.

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