Famous Logos

Going into the field of graphic design can be a daunting idea. It is really challenging to be given the task to come up with something that is completely different from what anyone has done and that will still spark the interest of buyers or potential members of a group or organization. It helps to know what other people have done in regards to that area. Here is some creative advertising for you.

You may have heard of a little company called Coca-Cola, if not then you have most likely been living under a rock. Frank Mason Robinson was one of the first graphic designers and he was the mind behind the Coca-Cola logo. The cursive red letters are known around the world and have become a huge part of American popular culture. Something that not many people know is that the lettering was in a font that was very common at the time. It is called Spencerian script. He was a bookkeeper for a chemical company that came up with the formula for Coca-Cola. He wrote the name down in the Spencerian script which is what the majority of bookkeepers used at the time. It is not really as unique as many people think.

Everyone has heard of Steve Jobs, but not as many people have heard of Rob Janoff. He is the man who came up with the actual Apple logo and symbol. That is a logo that might actually be more widely recognized than the Coca-Cola one because this is something that has spread all across the world in no time at all.

Ruth Kedar has one major credit to her name, she designed the logo for the search engine Google. She has a very interesting history that is almost more remarkable than her accomplishment with Google. Kedar was born in Brazil and stayed there through high school. After graduation she moved to Israel to work on her architecture degree. Then she moved to the United States to get her masters in design from Stanford University. She is a brilliant artist and we should expect to see many good things from her in the future.

This is a man that is always overlooked because no one ever really thinks about how his design came into being because it seems like it has always been. Milton Glaser was the genius behind the I ♥ NY logo. Everyone who goes to New York has to come back with a bumper sticker, sweater, or mug with that logo on it. Going with his apparent love of New York, he also cofounded New York Magazine with a friend of his. He has really helped to shape the city and make it into what it is today.

You may or may not have noticed that the ‘e’ and ‘x’ in FedEx create an arrow. Pretty cool, and it definitely fits the company. The genius behind that logo is Walter Landor. He was self-employed and he was a pioneer in his area of expertise. Something that you also might know from him is the PeoplePC logo with the smiley face. While he is gone, his legacy will carry on.

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