Finding Good Google Fonts


Webfonts services like Typekit are great, but for a lot of cases they’re just not practical.

For example, if you’re developing a WordPress theme, you can’t ask potential buyers to buy a monthly subscription, and you can’t bundle a font with the theme either unless it’s free.

For those cases, Google’s Webfonts service remains the only way to use non-standard fonts in your designs.

By the way, this post was inspired by Matthew Butterick’s own critical look at Google Web Fonts. Matthew makes some good points, but overall I still think Google Webfonts is a great initiative.

That being said, I can’t deny it’s fallen victim to its own success: the directory is now overrun with fonts of dubious quality, which means it can be hard to pick the right one. And Google Webfont’s own clumsy design doesn’t help.

Via Sacha

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