Hunting Hidden Treasure on Dell’s Website

Dell wants you to join their Treasure Hunt and follow the clues to win a new Dell XPS 15z laptop. You can start your search by visiting the Dell laptop page to find the first active clue. There are a total of seven clues altogether, and the first person to reach the end of the hunt and Tweet or blog the correct location of the XPS 15z landing page on will be the lucky winner.

That’s not all, however. Dell will also be giving away ten gift certificates worth $499 that can be used toward any Dell purchase of $500 or more. To enter, Tweet, blog, or post publicly on Google+ about the contest. People who find the correct laptop landing page after the hunt has ended will also be entered into this sweepstakes.

This is an exciting opportunity to win some great Dell prizes. Visit for all the info, and happy hunting!

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