Jobs for Graphic Design

If you have majored in graphic design, you might be wondering what you are going to do once you graduate. You could have gotten your degree in anything from fashion design and interior design to photography and web design, but you chose graphic design and that must mean something. You like the mixed media approach and thinking creatively and persuasively. Now you just need to find a way to apply it to the real world.

The first step is figuring out what it is that you want to do. Design can take so many different approaches that you need to figure out which one suits you best. You could go into a literary field. Something that you could do is design magazine layouts. This means that you work on the cover, and then the layout of the articles and pictures. You could, on a similar track, go into newspaper design. You could then work with a local paper or with a big name paper. Book publishing is also something that graphic designers go into. This means that you work with illustrators, authors, and artists that design the covers and some of the art. If you do not like that road, then you could go for designing the covers of those books or other things like CD’s, movies, and other media art.

Another way to use your graphic design degree is in designing logos. You could design logos for any kind of business, movie, company, or organization. This requires you to have proficient use of photo-shop and other photo editing software, media manipulation, and ability to adapt your product to the audience that you are targeting.  If you have these skills, then the advertising world could be a good place for you to go.

One of the best things is that when you are a graphic designer you can work for just about anyone that you want. Like mentioned earlier, you could work for a publishing company and help design book covers and illustrations. You could work for a reporting agency for magazines and newspapers, that is a field that is more intense than others simply because of the nature of the deadlines. If you do not like working under that kind of pressure, then those are not fields for you.

Big name companies, such as large retail stores and such, need graphic designers to help them to come up with a layout of design that helps them to market a product. Their success is dependent on that product’s and so it is important that it is marketed well. The government also is in need of graphic designers because they help to design important things for brochures and the like. Nonprofit organizations are always in need of graphic designers that can make posters and handouts that convey their message and are also appealing in appearance. No one wants a homely handout.

If none of those appeal to you, then you can look for something where you are self-employed. Looking for something just means that you find a way to market yourself so that you are as employable as possible. When people see that what you do is necessary then they are much more likely to hire you for your services.

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