Must Haves For Your New Computer

Getting a new computer is like getting a new car. You want it to be uniquely your own. You also want it to run your favorite applications and be very low maintenance. This means you are going to have to settle with some “must have” solutions before you buy or build you new computer.


Most people will not have to worry about hardware these days. All laptops and tablets come preassembled. So, you just need to buy the ones that have the specifications you need. However, building your own desktop can get daunting if you do not know what you should get. To get you started, here is a list of things you need to install into your new build.



  • CPU and motherboard– You always need a central processing unit which is the brain of your computer. The choice is yours and yours alone, but you should get one that fits your budget. The CPU will determine the motherboard. Get one that matches the CPU you are getting.


  • RAM – How much RAM you can get is determined by how many chips will fit in your motherboard. RAM chips must be bought in pair. So, you need to buy only what you need. You can expand later.


  • Hard drives –While you can store data on external media or the cloud, you will need a solid date drive to hold the operating system and to boot. You should get at least a 120 GB drive if you can afford it. For local data storage, you can use any size or style hard drive.


  • Adapter cards –With the main hardware out of the way, you need a few adapters. You only need three: graphics, sound and networking. For the sound and graphics, the only advice you need is buy the ones you can afford that have the features you want. You need to choose the network card that best matches your internet needs.


  • External media drives – You need a DVD/Blu-ray drive, flash drive and maybe a few card readers. While you can store everything on a cloud and just download everything, you may still want offline storage.


  • Computer Case, power supply, and cooling fans – The final hardware component is the case, power supply and cooling fans. Most cases come with a power supply, so all you need to do is stick to them. Just find the one that fits all your components , and you will be good to go,



Regardless of how you got your computer, you need to worry about software. Obviously, you need to have your favorite or required apps, but you should consider a few others as well. Some of the basics include an operating system, security software and firewalls, productivity suites and communication apps. Many pre-built machines come with everything you need. Either way, you will have the computer of your dreams. Server Part Deals have all these parts and more, check out their website to find all your computer needs.

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