Must Haves For Your New Computer


Getting a new computer is like getting a new car. You want it to be uniquely your own. You also want it to run your favorite applications and be very low maintenance. This means you are going to have to settle with some “must have” solutions before you buy or build you new computer.   […]

The Future of Data Storage

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The future of data storage is a hot topic especially with names like Cloud and Google Drive who have revolutionized the way people see data sharing and storage.  On top of that social media has left the need for more and more online storage to hold the 1 million tweets tweeted, and 48 hours of […]

Creating a Website using WordPress and Promoting It

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In present tіmе, WordPress has evolved to thе mоst popular CMS frоm а blogging platform. WordPress іѕ used tо crеatе ѕеvеral types оf websites bеcаusе of іtѕ flexibility, robustness and scalability. Due tо severаl benefits аnd features sеvеral popular businesses аlѕо creating thеіr websites using WordPress. Нerе аrе fеw іmpоrtant tips to crеаtе аn effective […]

Designing a Killer Facebook Page for your Website


Now that everyone is getting onto the Facebook bandwagon, the time is ripe for some Facebook business design tips. When we talk of a killer page, it means you have to give it your all. Treat your page as an investment through which you are looking forward to some reward in future. At this point, […]

5 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Computer


Whether you’re a college student, a computer designer, or simply looking to learn a new skill; you can learn to build your own computer.  Here are 5 easy steps to building your own computer: Begin by determining what you want to do with your computer.  What is the primary purpose it will serve?  This will […]

Promoting your Product Using a Commercial

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If you are launching a new product, you know how expensive and time-consuming this process can take. From the countless hours planning a product launch to the details of each Twitter and Facebook post, product promotion is exhausting. If you plan on creating a commercial to air in your local area or world-wide, it is […]

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

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Besides being ultra cool and artsy graphic designers have a real task before them. What is it? Well, one logo design company breaks it down. Graphic designers are faced with the job of creating an epic logo that will become the face of a brand or company. There are many elements that go into design […]

Top 3 Printers for Freelance Graphic Design Professionals

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A quality printer is necessary for a serious freelance graphic design professional. The difference between a good printer and a bad printer can make or break your ability to maintain clients. Unfortunately, shopping for a good printer can be a very confusing process. Before diving into specific recommendations, it’s important to address the topic of […]

Personalize Your Site


  When you begin making a website, you want to make sure that the initial design of the website fits with the information and products that you are putting on it. Too often there is a dichotomy between what the person conveys through the design of their website and what they are actually putting on […]

What goes into Making a Successful Website


If you are considering launching a website for your business, or revamping one that you already have in order to make it more successful, there are several tips you can use to maximize the impact of your website. First, you want to choose a great, catchy title for your website that succinctly summarizes what it […]