Tips for Working with Clients

Video Conference

Graphic designers must incorporate collaboration into all of their projects. While the graphic designer is an important entity in the equation, they cannot take the lead and produce something that goes against the desires of their client. They have to discuss the project with their client until they can determine their vision. It is only […]

Hunting Hidden Treasure on Dell’s Website

Dell Logo

Dell wants you to join their Treasure Hunt and follow the clues to win a new Dell XPS 15z laptop. You can start your search by visiting the Dell laptop page to find the first active clue. There are a total of seven clues altogether, and the first person to reach the end of the […]

The Structure of a CSS box-shadow


As you can see with the first shadow, we’re setting it to inset so the shadow appears inside our element. To create the shadow outside our element, you need to omit inset all together. Nothing needs to take it’s place as an outside shadow is the default. The x-offset tells the browser how far to move the shadow horizontally […]

A Fun Approach To Creating More Successful Websites

meomi is a site that goes all out in adding fun to their website experience. The website’s entire design is filled with fun characters that move and respond as you scroll over them. The overall experience is one filled with discovery and delight as you explore. I am especially fond of the website’s footer and what […]

Tips for Designing a Functional House

glass tile backsplash ideas

It’s amazing how apartments with standard layout can take a totally different look when the homeowner’s needs are taken into consideration during apartment renovation. A skilled architect can make every usable space work for the family by strategically planning rooms in consideration of every family member’s unique needs.   A functional house must be designed to increase […]

Finding Good Google Fonts


  Webfonts services like Typekit are great, but for a lot of cases they’re just not practical. For example, if you’re developing a WordPress theme, you can’t ask potential buyers to buy a monthly subscription, and you can’t bundle a font with the theme either unless it’s free. For those cases, Google’s Webfonts service remains the only way to […]

Designing Promotional Flyers That Stay Out of the Trash

Designing custom flyers can help increase your sales for your business

Small and home based business owners have three main avenues to promote themselves. There is face-to-face contact, word of mouth and the printed piece of paper, otherwise known as the flyer. Anything beyond these three promotional methods is usually extremely expensive and probably unobtainable. The only advertising information that the business itself has full control […]

How Merchandising Can Boost Your Brand

Product Merchandising is about design and developing quality products and business strategy.

Merchandising can be a challenging piece of the branding puzzle, particularly if your business doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit for using this branding strategy. For example, you sell… hot tubs… should you even bother with some type of brand merchandising? If so, where do you start and how can it actually strengthen your […]

Graphic Design Trends

HTML5_Logo_512 (1)

Everything inside the design world is permanently changing, evolving and adapting into new ways of expression and communication looking to satisfy the new consuming needs and set innovative exchanging channels. 2010 made a huge closure for the final year of the first XXI century decade, we witnessed the rising of tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet among others), […]