The Benefits of FiOS

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Let’s face it, browsing speed is of the utmost importance to customers all over the globe. The latency between your actions and the response from the website, game, or social media platform is crucial to your overall browsing experience. Although there are a multitude of internet packages available on the market, fiber optic connection(FiOS) is the only one that needs to be taken into consideration. The reason for this urgency to inquire about fiber optic cabling is that of its download and upload speed on the customer’s end.

To paint an accurate picture of how internet speeds work, it’s best to use an analogy. Imagine for a moment that you’re browsing your favorite website shopping for a gift ideas for an upcoming engagement. The data contained within the framework of the site needs to be sent to your computer in order for you to browse efficiently through the items. This data is downloaded from the company’s server onto your computer via your internet connection. If you have a slow download speed, browsing may become more of an annoyance than a pleasant experience.

Similarly, gamers are well aware of how important latency and ping times can be to your overall efficiency. If you’re an avid gamer looking to upgrade your internet package, FiOS is the way to go. No longer will you experience dropped frames, in-game lag, slow reaction times, or even unnecessary deaths in your gaming experience. All of these issues are eliminated with the 500/100 Mbps speeds available with this package.

Benefits of Using Fiber Optics

In short, fiber optics provides an internet experience that many of the larger providers simply cannot. Small issues like laggy Skype calls, slow email response, and downloads of certain files are completely addressed and eliminated with fiber optic networks. Located below is a small list of useful benefits that customers of fiber optic internet connections experience on a regular basis:

  • Smooth and interruption free music listening.
  • Emails get sent in a fraction of a second.
  • Downloading files is secure and takes half the time as other providers.
  • Browsing social media feeds, rendering your friends photos, and watching video is now seamless.
  • High response rate within your video games and online website interactions.
  • Multi-tasking is efficient and easy again.



The benefits don’t stop with your internet experience, however. Fiber optics are making their way into your living room with television and phone lines. Experience high quality television with fiber connections that make your media consumption seamless!

In conjunction, digital voice benefits make your calls crystal-clear and enjoyable with both parties on the phone line.

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