What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Besides being ultra cool and artsy graphic designers have a real task before them. What is it? Well, one logo design company breaks it down.

Graphic designers are faced with the job of creating an epic logo that will become the face of a brand or company. There are many elements that go into design and often these designers have spent several years, and sometimes even their whole lives, drawing, learning color theory and computer techniques to master the art of what images stick with consumers.

It’s not an easy task. If you think of some of the most popular logo designs like Nike or Starbucks a graphic designer was behind it. Nearly a century ago when designing for advertisements really took off the demand was quite different. Often a logo had a character or key lettering that set it apart from other companies. Now with new technologies like the Android and the IPhone, logos have started to come in the form of app icons and there are literally thousands. New companies pop-up every day and each one needs something to set it apart and give it a face, and this is exactly why graphic designers are hired.

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